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LearningPal’s leading AI-based enterprise solution digitizes countless paper documents to well-structured data swiftly and accurately

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AI technology

turns document into digital data

LearningPal AI recognizes and extracts the handwritten document, digital text , image into digital and searchable data with Neural Networks Computer Vision Technology through
cloud or offline by using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with AI technology.

Unique Design

LearningPal built up drop-in software for the existing business method.
With us, digitizing physical docs has never been easier.

Business Solution

Extracting and recognizing the original handwritten/digital document and auto-correction into the data with no templates needed.

Successful Case

We perform a successful breakthrough customer experience with our clients.
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We’ve always been obsessed with making work better for people

We turn handwritten documents digital and searchable with neural networks computer vision technology through cloud or offline.
You can easily search any documents with the fuzzy keyword in our platform.

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When it comes to developing features for LearningPal, our philosophy is simple - LearningPal can improve your workflow and help you to have a better solution. You can find a more detailed description of every single item.

Cost Effective

Reduce the cost of your business, and increasing the return of investment.

Unprecedented Accuracy

Offer high accuracy to detect all the handwritten and digital documents.

Save More Time

Save labors' data entry, search documents, and all processing time.

Less Processing Time

Reduce human labors' works and average 6.5% error rate in manual data entry.

Easy to use API

Provide good documentation, simple, fast responses, and resiliency.

Less Search Time

No paper documents and folders anymore, quickly search the files on our platform.


Find your original documents or digital data any time and anywhere

Data Security

Provide 100% guarantee a high protection of data security and data privacy.

Powerful design for working smarter and safer

Up to 85% save human labors’ works and errors

Offer 90% more unprecedented accuracy

Up to 95 % Less Processing Time and Search Time

Provide 100 % High Protection Data Security

LearningPal for Business

Businesses are facing problems in spending too much time reading handwritten
documents and entering data manually by human labors. LearningPal enables to
automate the recognition, auto-correction, and data-entry, reducing
the processing time, cost, and expedite the tasks.

Invoice / Receipt



Financial Services

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